Living in a Haunted House - UPDATE!

If you've read my books, then you'll know I like to write about spooky, old haunted houses.  Now I live in one. Yup, my house is haunted.

We moved to this new rental about a year and a half ago, and strange things started happening within a week. 

No, seriously. We’ve got eerie whispers, mysterious knocking on the walls, lights blinking, cold drafts, doors opening by themselves, and even bed moving creepiness.

You know, fifteen to twenty years ago, I might’ve loved living in a haunted place, but now? Not so much. 

Also, after my cat died last month, I was mourning a lot and crying daily. One night shortly after, I felt a fist slam down hard on my mattress near my head. It woke me up and freaked me out. 

About two weeks later, I woke up and felt someone touching my hair. I knew I was alone and I completely froze. My eyes popped open wide and I became fully awake. My heart was pounding so hard, it was roaring in my ears. I waited another few seconds to be sure that I actually felt it, or if I was just dreaming. But yeah, something was stroking my hair. I jumped out of bed and it took me awhile to go back to sleep.

I swear, at first I didn’t really think the house was haunted and I even tried to put a logical explanation on everything. But I can't... 

Now my daughter is terrified to sleep in her room, and I don’t feel comfortable in my own home now. 

Tonight we have two paranormal investigators coming by to find out if our home is indeed haunted. One is a "sensitive," which I think means he is psychic. This might even be a great source of future writing material to use.

Please wish us luck that it helps whatever is my house to go into the light! 

I will update this post tomorrow and let you know what happens... 

Haunted house update…

So, two super nice ghost hunters, Lee and Sandy, came to the house last night. They asked a lot of questions and did a walk-through of the house. They mainly spent time in my daughter’s room and my bedroom where the most activity has occurred. 

One thing the gentleman did ask was if my daughter and I had felt extremely fatigued over the last few months. We both said yes. 

My daughter does have a rare autoimmune disease and she’s a teenager, so I figured all the sleeping was because of that. And me, well, I’m over 40, so I thought fatigue was natural. Normally, I am kind of an active/energetic person, but lately I’ve felt so tired, I could sleep all day. They said that the resident boos are draining our energy, which sucks. Literally.  

The man (the sensitive) said that he sensed an older man and possibly a female in the house. He stated that it is the older gentlemen who is the most active and is attached to my daughter and me. 

The cool part of the visit was that Sandy caught on camera several orbs soaring through my bedroom. 

However, it kind of upset me when he insinuated that I attracted these spirits because I write paranormal romance / urban fantasy and like scary movies and and TV shows like "Supernatural." I guess it bugged me because lots of people enjoy watching horror films and TV shows with paranormal elements (Even HBO's Game of Thrones has supernatural elements) and reading those genres, and they don’t have any ghosts. It’s not like I’m dabbling in the occult or playing with Ouija boards!!! :-/ 

My brother and his wife are way into ghost stuff and they aren't being haunted. So why me?! 

Regardless, they were both very generous with their time and compassionate people, and I am grateful that they came by the house and offered to help. Anyway, I feel so much better knowing that I have help and I really like the woman, Sandy, who seems all kinds of awesome.

My after visit research...

We get a lot of mail from former residents and we searched up the name of one man online. Turns out an 83-year-old dude named Robert lived at our address and died in January 2015.

Could he be our “older gentlemen” spirit?

I’ll let you guys know. I did discover that this Robert fellow had a lovely wife who passed away four years before he did and that he might've had a son who died, too. Then I uncovered that his grandson had died in August and left behind a wife and 3 children--so heartbreaking!

I also called our landlord to ask how many people have rented this home in the past and hopefully she gets back to me soon. I knew she can't give me names, but it might help figure who my ghostly visitors are. She hasn't returned my call yet.

The paranormal experts might have their entire team do an investigation later this month, and then do a sage cleansing to help these spirits find peace. I will post another update after they come to our house again...

A friend suggested that we do a house cleansing/blessing ourselves with a prayer of protection of white light and request that the spirits move on. I did do a sage burning in my bedroom to cleanse the space and asked the ghosts to respect my home and leave me alone.

Any advice would be appreciated! 
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